Center For Arts & Equity
August 31, 2022
Show at 7:00 pm
Doors open at 6:00 pm
General Admission: $25, Premier: $30, 12 & under: FREE in adv.
General Admission: $30, Premier: $35, 12 & under: FREE at the door
130 Pine Street, Florence, MA

Sacred Sounds: Fanna-Fi-Allah

Transcendental music of the sufi mystics

Qawwali, best known by the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, is the devotional music of South Asia’s mystic Sufis. Emerging from India and Pakistan in the 13th century, it is ecstatic, hypnotic, transcendent stuff — a chorus of eight vocalists weave separate melodies into a rhythmic crescendo, accompanied by tabla, dholak, and harmonium.

The ensemble Fanna-fi-Allah, decades deep in this classical art, carry the flame of Sufi Qawwali around the world. Having performed in many of the most honored tombs and sacred shrines of sufi saints in South Asia, it’s a special treat to invite their music of love and spiritual union into the halls of Bombyx this Summer.

Prepare to be uplifted! Join us in welcoming the first Qawwali ensemble to grace the Valley in a very long time.

This concert is part of a new music series called Sacred Sounds, presenting audiences at Bombyx with sacred music from around the world.

“Fanna-Fi-Allah carry the ancient wisdom of Sufi Qawwali in their music, a wisdom that is not only heard, but is profoundly felt. They embody a universal message of devotion & tolerance that is crucial to our time.”
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