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BCUC is a live music-performing band from Soweto, South Africa. Their music derives from a blend of genres across the ages. They draw inspiration from Indigenous music that is not exposed in the mainstream. They sing ritual songs, around the fire hood songs; shebeen songs, church songs and we infuse them with raps and a rock and roll attitude. They always aim for a timeless, honest and traditional/ ritualistic sound. The music should always resonate with the spirituality, the history and the future of the people. The band is made out of 7 band members, Jovi (lead singer, percussions), Kgomotso (backing vocals, percussions), Hloni (raps, ad libs, percussions), Luja (raps, backing vocals, marching drum), Cheex (congas), Skhumbuzo (bass drum) and currently they are playing with a session bass guitarist, Mosebetsi.

BCUC wants to tell stories of where they are from, showing where they are and where they are headed. Indigenous Music is not trapped in the past. Instead their views embrace the now. They are influenced by what they see, hear, and the global community. Bantu Music (Africa Ngungungu) is not constrained to where they are from, instead it recognizes human connection regardless of geography, culture or social standing. They are the now generation. They are relevant; they are “the man on the street’’. It is music for the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, with the PEOPLE.

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