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We are deeply indebted to our friends at Falcetti Pianos for enabling us to have such an exquisite instrument, worthy of the internationally acclaimed artists who grace our stage. The BOMBYX Jazz Vanguard series - featuring performances by the likes of Bill CharlapHarold Lopez NussaTerence Blanchard, and Big Yuki - would not be possible without Falcetti's team of piano wizards who transport, tune, and service our piano to ensure that it plays like a dream for each artists who sits at the keys. 

Having worked with piano companies on festival stages and in performance halls around the world, our production team has a deep appreciation for the expertise that goes into maintaining such elaborate instruments. We selected Falcetti Pianos based on their flawless track record, exceptional craftsmanship, and a genuine love for music.

We would like to recognize Tony Falcetti, Tim Smith, and the entire team at Falcetti Pianos for their generous support.

Onstage at BOMBYX

Almost entirely handcrafted in Kakegawa, Japan, our SX6 model Yamaha is a seven foot grand piano that features Yamaha's patented Acoustic Resonance Enhancement process which helps to precisely control the aging of wood. The result is a warm, intimate tone with the sustained resonance comparable to a vintage instrument. From our first show with Bill Charlap, musicians have been falling in love with our piano, generously underwritten by our friends at Falcetti. 
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