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COVID Policies

We are committed to keeping our artists, staff, and attendees safe and feeling comfortable. As of April 1, 2022, based on the most recent guidance from public health officials, Bombyx will no longer be requiring proof of vaccination or the wearing of masks to attend shows. We understand that there are varying levels of comfort and concern and encourage you to wear a mask if you choose.  We will have them available at the door for free if you don't have your own. We will keep you updated if official protocols change again and we appreciate your understanding and support. 

In other news, we're excited about the weather getting warmer and will be announcing a series of outdoor performances at Bombyx soon!

Ticketing Policies

All tickets are non-refundable but 100% transferable. If you are unable to attend, simply reply to the email containing your ticket(s) and let us know the new attendee’s contact details (first and last name and email address) and we will happily switch the ticket(s) over. You can also email us directly at:

If you are unable to find someone to replace you, please let us know. We offer those unused tickets for FREE to members of our community. You’ll be paying it forward and making someone’s night!
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