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First Generation Ensemble

The Performance Project’s First Generation is an ensemble of young artists who identify as "first generation.” They come together for intensive artistic training and create multilingual physical theater performances based on their experiences, and those of their families and communities, with a focus on social justice.

First Generation members may be the first in their family to grow up in the United States, the first to speak English, to graduate high school, go to college, to be openly LGBTQ+, be an activist, a feminist, break a silence, or many other firsts. Participants include young adults recently arrived in this country.

 In First Generation, we talk about the complexity of embracing individuality while honoring one’s family and community cultures. The Ensemble creates powerful, high-quality performances that engage the public in dialog about social, cultural, and generational issues. First Generation performs in a multitude of settings, from schools and colleges, to community centers and youth programs, theaters, festivals, and social justice conferences, reaching between 2000-3000 people a year.

Montaser Yagoub Abdelrahman
Charlette Magdalena Marrero
Monisha Gurung
Julita Hasani
Moise Jackobo
Lali (Iliana) Quiles-Torres

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