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Georges Mefleh – viola

Georges Mefleh is a violist from Minneapolis, MN. They recently graduated from DePaul University in Chicago where they studied viola performance with Ann-Marie Brink and Wei-Ting Kuo. As a chamber musician, Georges has performed at the Chicago Ear Taxi, Decoda, Green Lake, and Northern Lights chamber music festivals. They have worked with teachers and mentors such as Rami Solomonow of the Chicago Quartet, Tom Rosenberg of the Chester Quartet, Clara Lyon of the Spektral Quartet, and Nate Schram of the Attacca Quartet. As an advocate of new chamber music, they have premiered works by Thurman Barker of the AACM, Renée Baker, Earl Maneein, and Isabelle Chauvalon. Georges also has experience playing in jazz ensembles, rock bands, and are currently feeding a growing interest in Arabic Maqam music. They are a current Master student at the University of Massachusetts where they study with Ron Gorevic.

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