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Horacio Martinez

Horacio Martinez is a multi-talented musician and composer from Argentina. He is skilled in playing multiple instruments, producing music, and arranging musical pieces. At a young age, he toured Latin America with the UNESCO Choir (EMA) and various ensembles. In 2006, he had the honor of performing at the Honoris Causa for Mercedes Sosa and the Oscar winner Gustavo Santaolallain Mendoza, Argentina. He won the Pre-Cosquin Festivalin Mendoza in 2010 and performed at the Festival Nacional de la Vendimia in 2011 and 2012. Horacio was also a member of the award-winning group Markama from 2008-2012 and performed with symphonic orchestras. He traveled to China with the UN Singers in 2017 and sang with them at Carnegie Hall; the same year, he toured Europe, promoting his solo album, De Jujuy a Brooklyn. Horacio has a Bachelor's in classical music, has recorded three albums, and has produced music for films, dancers, and other artists. He currently resides in New York, where he teaches at Carnegie Hall and Casita Maria, plays guitar with the BronX BandA led by Arturo O'Farril, and has his music production studio. Additionally, he leads the Latin music ministry at St. Peter's Church in Manhattan.

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