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Born and raised in Southern California, residing in Tulsa, OK, Hip Hop artist, producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Davonte “iamDes” Suarez is the epitome of “a force to be reckoned with.” iamDES’s artistic journey began at 7 years old, in which he showed a strong love for poetry and a variety of music artists, from The Rolling Stones to Billie Holiday, and the list goes on. iamDES’s artistic style consists of skillful lyricism and spontaneous cadences, with meaningful and thought provoking music concepts are known to transcend audiences, time and time again. iamDES has specifically played a prominent role in Tulsa’s music scene for more than 12 years, performing in festivals such as Center of the Universe, MayFest, Lessons In Fresh and onstage with a number of mainstream artists. As his influential drive speaks for itself, iamDES’s large catalog simply proves his tenacity and hard work, which is seen through his consistent releases of phenomenal musical works from 2012 to now.

In 2017, iamDES and his very talented wife Krisheena Suarez established the music publishing company and independent record label, Suarez !nspired Republic, LLC, embarking on a new journey as music artists, releasing a large number of singles that lead up to one of his greatest bodies of work in 2018 entitled “Saturday Morning Cartoons and A Box of Cereal,” placing his stamp on nostalgia and reliving priceless childhood memories of eating cereal and watching cartoons. From 2018 to 2020 , iamDES released a large number of singles collaborating with an array of artists and producers, including the innovative and out of the box EP entitled, Be Kind. Please Rewind., produced by DJ No Name, and curating showcases of performances through a YouTube series called “Suarez Sessions,” filmed by videographer Pade Wade. Through the years, iamDES has earned several music placements, including the internationally known ESports video game “NBA 2K21 Next Gen” (2021).

In May 2021, iamDES earned a spot on the Motown Records released album Fire In Little Africa, a timeless piece that tells the story of the 1921 Black Wall Street Tulsa Race Massacre, through the uplifting anthem “Young and Free,” featuring Krisheena Suarez, Written Quincey, and Chris The God MC McCain, along with being featured in a series of performances through The Groundwaves program, created and hosted by legendary West Coast rapper Murs. Following single releases of Fall 2021, iamDES, alongside Krisheena Suarez, earned a place in Tulsa’s official SXSW 2022 Showcase in March 2022.

Fans and audiences alike can anticipate a joint release by iamDES and Krisheena Suarez entitled “You Know What Love Is.,” giving audiences a glimpse of each artists’ perspective on being single, dating, and the tale of love and war. Coming Fall 2022.

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