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Kellie Carter Jackson

Kellie Carter Jackson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Africana Studies at Wellesley College. She studies the lived experiences of Black people with a focus on slavery, abolitionism, the Civil War, political violence, Black women’s history, and film. She is the author of the award-winning book, Force & Freedom: Black Abolitionists and the Politics of Violence which won the SHEAR James H. Broussard Best First Book Prize. Her essays have been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times, NPR, and other outlets. She has also been interviewed for her expertise on Netflix, Apple TV, Good Morning America, CBS Mornings, MSNBC, PBS, Vox, CNN, the BBC, the History Channel, Al Jerzeera, Slate, and a host of documentaries.

Carter Jackson is also a Historian-in- Residence for the Museum of African American History in Boston. She also serves as a commissioner for the Massachusetts Historical Commission, where she represents the Museum of African American History in Boston.

Currently, Carter Jackson is completing two book projects. The Remedy: Black Response to White Violence which examines the multiple ways Black people have combated white supremacy from the Haitian Revolution to the Present (Basic Books) and Losing Laroche: The Story of the Only Black Passenger on the Titanic which examines the unexplored aspect of race, migration, and our obsession with one ship thought to be supreme.

Lastly, Carter Jackson loves a good podcast! She is the co-host of the podcast, “This Day in Esoteric Political History” with Jody Avirgan and Niki Hemmer and serves as the Executive Producer and host of “Oprahdemics: The Study of the Queen of Talk” by Radiotopia with Leah Wright Rigeuer. You can follow her on Twitter @kcarterjackson.

Kellie will bring all of this and more when she comes to this year’s Power of Truths!

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