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Lemuel Marc: Sound

Lemuel Marc ’24 was exposed to NEC’s high caliber and diverse genres of instruction when an NEC jazz combo performed at his high school. “They came every year, and it was always so cool and interesting,” he recalled. “I learned then that NEC is very encouraging of exploring different styles, and I felt like I could really grow into the musician that I wanted to be if I went there.”

Thanks to generous contributions, Lemuel is now in his second semester at NEC studying jazz trumpet. “Receiving this scholarship greatly impacted my educational experience,” he said. “While I was glad to have gotten into NEC, the financial aspect was a huge factor in determining if I would be able to attend. Now, I can focus less on how I’m going to pay my tuition and more on improving my musicianship.”

At NEC, Lemuel is immersed in the diverse musical styles that he witnessed as a high school student, and he has discovered a new territory in his music world. “When I came to NEC, I was just here to get better on trumpet, but now I’m starting to see the connection between different courses,” he said. “For example, my theory class opened up the door to composition for me, and now I’m composing string quartets for fun.”

As Lemuel continues to explore his artistic pathway at NEC, he looks forward to performing more with his peers and expanding his musical knowledge. “NEC is a humbling experience,” he said. “My teacher allows me to find my own voice, and I’ve yet to meet a bad musician. Because NEC offers so many programs, it attracts students who are curious and wanting to explore different genres.”

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