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Marla BB

Marla BB once known as New York City’s Sassy Mama Blues Singer, became a Martial Artist and Self Defense Teacher, then a Mama and finally, a Musher!
After a decade of raising 24 Alaskan Huskies and 1 daughter in the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts, Marla realized her dream of bringing her own sled dog team to mush the 750 mile Serum Run Trail across Alaska!
When she started Hilltown Sleddogs, racing was her passion! With a wheeled rig on dry land and sled on snow, Marla raced across North America and Sweden. Touring was her business. Thousands of hands of campers and clients have pet, hugged, and loved the Hilltown Sled Dogs. Sled Dog Camps and empowering youth became her mission! Campers became jr.handlers, camp counselors even racers.
"My sled dogs are my family, my daughters’ canine siblings, my work companions and the reason I go to bed feeling loved and wake up with a howl in my heart!"  - Marla BB
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