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Ms. Conception

Lead guitarist Mosely O’Donnell has been playing with Ms. Conception for 6 years and is supper stoked to be able to play at Bombyx as a graduating senior.

Jamie Harte is the bassist and singer of Ms. Conception. He has been in the band for 5 years and has been playing the bass since he was 9. He started playing the bass because he wanted to join a band, and his brother’s band needed a bass player. Over the past 8 years he has come to love playing bass, and loves playing in this band.

Izzy has been playing drums with Ms. Conception since 2018 and is thrilled to have this opportunity at Bombyx. He has been working hard to ensure that the band gets the most of his remaining time before they leave for college. He feels that this show will be a very special one, as it may be their last show for a while.

Jamie Payne has been playing rhythm guitar for about 7 years, and around 2 years with Ms.Conception. He is the newest member of the group but he instantly fell in love with this band. Jamie is so hyped for Bombyx and can’t wait for this opportunity.

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