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Natu Camara

Natu Camara was born in Ivory Coast and grew up in Guinea. She formed the R&B/Hip-Hop ensemble, The Ideal Black Girls. with three friends and the group’s first album, Guinea Mou Monèra (“It’s Not a Shame to be a Woman”), went on to sell in the millions and garner international praise.

Fast forward several years, Natu traveled to the US to spend time with her husband, only to experience tragedy: not long after she arrived, he passed away from cancer, leaving her abruptly alone. During this period of mourning, she began playing a guitar she had received as a wedding gift and writing new material. One day, when an unusual bird came to her window, she took it as a sign that it was time to begin afresh. She quickly learned English, formed a new band, and started to sing and write in an entirely new mode, inspired by artists such as ‪Ali Farka Toure, ‪Mory Kanté, Fela Kuti, Baaba Maal, Tina Turner, and ‪Nina Simone.

Now based in New York, Natu Camara sings in five languages and leads a multinational band. She is a committed activist, advocating for the empowerment and education of women and girls in West Africa. She divides her time between Conakry in Guinea and New York.

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