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Raquy Danziger

Raquy Danziger is a celebrated performer, teacher and composer known for her expertise on the darbuka*, the Middle-Eastern goblet drum. Raquy has performed and taught around the globe from the great concert halls of Egypt to remote towns in Siberia, spreading love and excitement for darbuka drumming. Her unique and systematic approach has helped elevate this ancient drum to be a shining solo instrument fit for a concert hall.

Raquy specializes in the split hand technique, which is a fast and elaborate drumming style. She also plays the mystical twelve-string King Kemenche Tarhu, a rare and exotic bowed instrument.

Raquy has performed in Egypt as a soloist with The Egyptian "King of Tabla" – Said El Artist, and his drumming orchestra in the great concert halls of Egypt. She has appeared at Lincoln Center, at CRR concert hall in Istanbul, and in many festivals. In 2005, she was the recipient of the Meet the Composer grant. Raquy has appeared on Good Morning Egypt, Leila Kebira, O TV, the Culture Channel, Turkish Television, Arabs Got Talent, and has been interviewed on Al Gezira.

Raquy's infectious enthusiasm for Middle Eastern music has gotten her invitations to teach all over the globe. Besides teaching at her Istanbul school, The Darbuka Ofis, she offers drumming immersions, university master classes and workshops.

Raquy has invented a unique notation system for the darbuka that many people are using today. She has produced five instructional methods, and now all of her teachings are available through her Online Darbuka School.

Raquy has composed over 50 melodic compositions as well as countless drumming pieces which can be heard in her concerts and in her 13 albums.

Recently she has gone deep into the study of Illumination painting – an old technique of decorating with gold called Tezhip. She studied at the Cagfera Medresse and is now a student at the Klasik Sanatlar academy. She has made many paintings and has an Etsy shop for her artwork.

Raquy is proud to be an active disciple of:
Bünyamin Olguncan – Darbuka
Imamyar Hasanov – Kemamche
Nazan Berbercioglu – Islamic Illumination Painting

*Darbuka is also known as: tabla, dumbek, doumbek, darbake, dumberleki, tarabuka, tarabaki, derbake, debuka, dumbec, dumbeg, dumbelek, tablah, toumperleki or zerbaghali

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