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Sherryla Diola

Sherryla Diola was born and raised in Davao, Philippines and immigrated to the US in 2002. While in college, Sherryla was a Filipino Cultural Dancer and toured the world performing traditional folk dances through her university’s dance program. This was her early exposure to sharing her Filipino culture with other countries. In 2016, she started a food distribution business for local MA food producers and has worked with clients in introducing their specialty products to the public as well. In 2018, she expanded into selling local beverage products at music festivals. At this point, Sherryla traveled back to the Philippines for the first time in 10 years, and after spending time with her family, it was the Filipino food that captivated her the most. The vibrant and exciting flavors, the busy yet laid-back atmosphere of the night markets, and that certain classic street foods made locals so happy there. She knew right then that she had to bring this experience back to Western MA. She wanted to replicate the street food bustle, the laughter, and the smoke wafting off sizzling charcoal grills in Filipino night markets. In 2020 that opportunity came in an unexpected way: due to Covid-19, outdoor dining suddenly expanded, and a need arose for outdoor pop-up food purveyors. That was when Ginger Love Cafe, Filipino street food, was born. In an unassuming food tent, Ginger Love Cafe set up everywhere from local joints in Easthampton, wineries and breweries across western MA, music festivals and academic events. Ginger Love Cafe brought the vibe, the fun and the flavor to each of its pop-up venues. In 2022, Ginger Love Cafe expanded by buying a Mobile Food Hut which allows them to serve larger gatherings and bring even more authentic Filipino street food to the community!

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