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Due to the fast approaching storm system
March 12, 2022
Show at 7:00 pm
Doors open at 6:00 pm
$15 in adv.
$20 at the door
130 Pine Street, Florence, MA

Ali Dineen + Richie Barshay + Oren Bloedow

Lin Manuel Miranda once said that if he were alone on a desert island and could only bring one person’s music with him, he would bring Ali Dineen because she gave him hope.

The guitarist/pianist/composer/singer/accordionist’s music spans American folk, 1920s jazz, Eastern European polyphony, and does not shy away from tough subjects. The title track from her most recent EP, Hold On, is about wars at the US-Mexican border - about borders in general. It is about her work with migrant justice organizations, “about moving through heartbreak and disillusionment” and about cycles of resilience.

Joining her at BOMBYX this Saturday are friends who recorded with her on that latest EP: Richie Barshay (Klezmatics, Chick Corea) on drums and Oren Bloedow (Elysian Fields) on bass. Dineen will be sharing those songs, as well as an upcoming cycle of pieces inspired by the life of Joan of Arc.

Join us in welcoming this up-and-coming artist, well known in the Jalopy folk scene in Brooklyn but not much yet Western Mass. Two sets starting early at 7PM. It's BOMBYX Barrio Night, a monthly tradition where we invite the neighborhood to discover something new.

On BOMBYX Barrio Nights, we express our love to the neighborhood. Florence residents living in the 01062 zip code will automatically receive a matching ticket in their cart upon checkout.

Bombyx Barrio Nights are sponsored by Ruthie Oland Real Estate and Davis Financial.

Ali Dineen
Richie Barshay
“Ali’s songs are serious, without any concessions to pop trends, but they are sung with compassion and joy, and I was stunned in rapt attention...She doesn’t follow the structure of resolution and build-up that chord progressions are “supposed” to have, but manages to draw expertly contoured phrases anyway. Joni Mitchell said once in an interview: “...Music is when you pull the chords from your inner core, whether they sound weird to people or not, and anyone adventurous is doing that.” Ali Dineen is adventurous. Her songs show that she is following a heart she has practiced listening to…I’m not sure I’ve seen a more compelling, creative, and impressive musician so steeped in the history of folk music culture, and so truly herself. Watching Ali perform felt like witnessing something absolutely timeless.”
Elizabeth Varnado, “We Saw Music”
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