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June 2, 2024
Show at 10:00 am
Doors open at 9:30 am
FREE in adv.
FREE at the door
130 Pine Street, Florence, MA

Weird Recycling

Come Connect with Your Neighbors and Get Crafty

Take the opportunity to empty your closet, basement, and attic of unwanted belongings you’ve been holding on to and drop it off at Bombyx, where we’ll have bins ready to gather your stuff. Then spend some time getting to know your neighbors.

We’ll host a ritual with Lee Shuer of Mutual Support Consulting to help you let go of what you no longer need, as well as offer activities including collaging bookmarks with Michael Sjostedt, a recycling-themed dance performance by Michelle Marroquin, a silkworm presentation from Faith Deering of the David Ruggles Center, rope-making with Swanson’s Fabrics, performances by the Fiddle Orchestra of Western Mass, art supply trading and trash puppet crafting with Resilient Community Arts, and a Junk Jam orchestrated by John Losito of The Creation Station.



10am Blessing of the White Elephants: In this special Sunday service of Florence Church, you are invited to bring those objects you have struggled to let go of. We will give thanks and bless these things before sending them along their way!

11:30am Recycling & Upcycling Collection begins

11:30am - 5pm Junk Jam - orchestrated by John Losito of  The Creation Station- Bring your pipes, jugs, pots, pans, and resonant waste to create an interactive percussive sculpture!

12-2pm Collage Bookmark Making with Michael Sjostedt

12-4pm Silk Worm Presentation with our friends from the David Ruggles Center

12-4pm Art Supply Swap and Trash Puppet Making with Resilient Community Arts

1pm, 2pm, and 3pm Flotsam Dance Performance by Michelle Marroquin

Flotsam, a tragic comedy about our senseless use of plastic, this dance evolves from clueless partying to panicking, confuses instigator with victim and human with animal forms, while inviting the audience to sort out the mess. Music by Tony Silva. Choreography by Michelle Marroquin in collaboration with Dancers:
Ella Carlson, Natalie Graves and Zazie Tobey. Thanks to Alena Brocker for her contributions in the creation of this work.

1pm Fiddle Orchestra of Western MA Performance





Magazines, comics, newspapers, catalogs for collage

Fabric, yarn, needles, thread, notions, sewing machines, material, and curtains

Housewares - in good working order

Craft supplies to swap

Electronics, batteries, light bulbs, tv and computer monitors

Cardboard, reusable materials like metal, lumber, and tools (in working condition).

Pipes, pans, pots, bottles, jugs and kitchen utensils for the Junk Jam

Mattresses, furniture, broken items, toys, books, styrofoam, clothing, motor oil, paint solvents, or similar chemicals, or anything you can’t carry or move with a cart yourself


Michelle Marroquin
Fiddle Orchestra of Western Massachusetts
David Ruggles Center for History and Education
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